So what is three6five? In order to explain that we need to start at the beginning.

How do you stifle your passion? The answer is simple – MAKE IT YOUR JOB!

But that does not make sense, or does it? Well let’s take a look. In a world where entrepreneurs are the new rock stars, many people aspire to be the new Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or Elon Musk.

And so we buy the books and read the articles and watch the TV shows. And it all seems very simple – follow your passion and you will be the next rock star-entrepreneur. Right?? But that is wrong…

Show me an artisan baker that has become a billionaire – yep, you got it, there are NONE!

Why is that?

Well, an artisan baker is extremely passionate about what he does. He wakes up at 2am in the morning to start prepping for the bake, so that the bread can be ready by 8am for his customer. Hopefully he is sold out by lunch time so that he can go get some sleep, in order to wake up at 2am tomorrow.

This is what makes him an artisan and what drives his passion. Each day he is able to produce a new type of bread for his customers, and this is why they come back every other day. But, Mr Baker, whilst you own your business and you could be classified as an entrepreneur, you are by no means a rock star. To become a rock star, you would need to start selling more bread.

But you only have 2 hands and so many hours, so:

  1. You start training a new baker to assist you, and when they are up to speed you want to sell more bread, so you train another, and another and another and then ∞;
  2. But you can only manage so many bakers, so you now need to start focussing on specific products, so you do not experiment so much any more, but start churning out more of the same;
  3. And still you need to speed up, so you start to automate the process with machinery;
  4. And you need to drive profits so you cut costs by using commercial products;
  5. And now you need to expand to sell to other business so you need delivery vehicles;
  6. And now you need support staff;
  7. And the last time you stood in front of an oven is 6 months ago, because now you pushing a pen – yes, you have become a rock star – BUT, you are no longer the artisan/ passion driven baker you were….and so on and so on….

Ok, you get the picture…now go and take a look at what the rock star entrepreneurs do and how they became rock stars.

They did not do this by following a passion:

  1. Neither Bill Gates not Steve Jobs were passionate about sitting behind a very slow computer writing lines and lines of code;
  2. Richard Branson was not passionate about flying or 747’s; and
  3. Elon Musk was not passionate about creating solar panels.

However, what each of these people did was to use their skills to identify a specific need in the world and to focus on delivering that

  1. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs pioneered the world of personal computing ;
  2. Richard Branson saw a need to make the airline industry better; and
  3. Elon Musk has identified the need to provide renewable energy quickly and efficiently.

They focused on managing people, developing great products, but more importantly selling the said products…

So in at the end of the day, if you want to be a rock star entrepreneur you have to be a good salesman and manager of people – not the best artisan!

Ok, so this is a round about way of getting to the point. I learned my lessons the hard way. For many years I was involved in startup businesses for products that were required, rather than something I was passionate about. I became passionate about succeeding, but not about what I was doing.

About five years ago, I decided to follow my passion – food, and more particularly curing meat/ charcuterie. I had been curing meat for near on 10 years as a hobby, but now I wanted to do it every day.

So I started out in my garage and started going to local artisan markets on Sundays to sell my wares. Soon I was busy every weekend, and started looking to expand. I did…I opened a small deli…and I wanted to expand…and I opened a little restaurant…and I wanted to expand…and I took over a larger restaurant…and I started whole selling my product…and soon I was not experimenting anymore, because my customers demanded this and that…so I produced only this and that…and before I wiped my eyes out my hands had not stuffed a sausage in months, but was more accustomed to pushing a pen…and there I was, right back to where I started…driving the business – the only thing is NOW I DID NOT have my hobby anymore.

So I got rid of my “hobby” business and focussed on building other businesses…and now I have time to practice my passion again…Charcuterie and cooking.

And so, this is where three6five comes in.

One of the things I have always wanted to do was write a cookbook – but I just have never had the time. So three6five has become my challenge to write a recipe each and every day for a year, and post it – hence three6five. I need to create the discipline to do this, and there no better way than to create a challenge!

So I really hope you enjoy this website as much as I will!

My Passion – Charcuterie


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