Anchovy, Red Onion & Chilli Pizza

Anchovy, Red Onion & Chilli Pizza

You will remember that in my recipe on making Quick and Easy Pizza Base (click here for recipe), I said that when you have your bases sorted and you are ready to make your pizza’s, then try to keep it as simple as possible – max 4-5 ingredients (including the base tomato sauce and mozzarella)

So this is probably my all-time-favourite pizza – simple, yet a heavy punch in terms of flavour because of the anchovy.

RECIPE TIP:  When you assemble the pizza, put the mozzarella cheese BEFORE the Neopolitana sauce – WHY you may ask?  Well, if you put the sauce first then the base will get soggy and will not crisp up nicely – this helps particularly if you do not have a pizza oven that goes to 450°C – so if you are using a standard oven, this is the best tip for not having soggy pizza bases.

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