Basic Neapolitana Sauce (Tomato Sauce) for Pasta or Pizza

Basic Neapolitana Sauce (Tomato Sauce) for Pasta or Pizza

Neopolitana Sauce – such a simple sauce, but if it is not perfect then it will ruin the dish you are creating.

I use this as the base for many pasta sauces or just as the tomato base sauce for pizza’s.  It is fresh hit of flavour, so simple, so perfect, BUT whilst  I am generally the chef at home, when it comes to Neapolitana, then my wife is put in charge of the pots.  I know that mine is good, but when she does it, it is magic!

So here is her recipe.

RECIPE TIP:  The secret of this sauce is the anchovy.  WHAT?? you may ask – but YES, ANCHOVY.  You just need one anchovy fillet (you get those small bottles of preserved anchovies at most stores).  Whilst anchovy is extremely FISHY, in this dish it adds the saltiness you need.  Once done, you will not taste the anchovy at all – but leave it out and you will be disspointed!

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