BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs

Now who does not love a batch of good finger licking BBQ Ribs!  I use my orange base BBQ sauce and 5-in-1 Rub with this recipe to create the best BBQ Spare Ribs on the planet!  Grilled on the open flame…mmmmm!

I prefer the Belly Ribs to the baby back ribs – the reason for this is they have a bit more meat and fat on them, and are more tasty.  They are also bigger…and makes you feel like you have had a proper feast when you are done eating!

RECIPE TIP: In this recipe you will be pre-cooking the ribs, because if you only grill them on a BBQ they will remain tough.  The idea is to pre-cook them until they are just tender, and then finishing them off on the BBQ with the BBQ sauce.

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