BBQ whole Sea Bream with lemon grass, ginger and garlic (with a hint of chilli)

BBQ whole Sea Bream with lemon grass, ginger and garlic (with a hint of chilli)

And the theme of the “braai” BBQ continues!  Sea Bream is one of my favourite fish.  It has an amazing delicate flavour, and done on the BBQ it is absolutely fabulous.  As usual, I do not like to over marinade the fish, as I think it should be the star, so this is just a subtle marinade to enrich the flavour of the dish.

Doing fish in general is a bit of a trick – the fish has to be cooked through (depending on what fish), yet it needs to still be delicate and moist.  What most people forget about cooking fish is that you actually need to remove it off the heat when it is still slightly underdone, because it continues to cook once removed from the heat.  So you need to experiment and be confident.  Then when it comes to the “braai” it takes an extra bit of skill because you here you are dealing with variant heat – so you need to know your fire.

If you get it right it is just fantastic, but if it is slightly overcooked, it is dry and floury in the mouth. Practice, practice, practice.

RECIPE TIP 1: You do not want to marinade the fish for too long.  I marinade the fish just before starting the fire so that by the time the coals are ready (about 20-30 minutes) the fish has had enough time in the marinade.

RECIPE TIP 2: Your fire needs to be right – your coals are ready when you can hold your hand at grid level for at least 20 seconds before it becomes too hot.

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