Beef Lasagna

Beef Lasagna

Ok, so we are now bringing the last few recipes together in this recipe, Lasagna, and for a low carb version see the next recipe – “Beef & Aubergine Bake“.

I love lasagna, but it is a funny thing for me.  It is one of those dishes that I would never really order at a restaurant or even really consider making at home.  It’s only now and again that my family ask for lasagna, and when I make it I really absolutely love it, and swear that I will make it more, but never do…just an oddity.

Same in restaurants…I hardly ever order it…but when I do I just love it.

It is also a great dish to make in advance and then freeze for future baking.

To make it I basically just use the following of my recipes and then put it all together:

  1. Bolognese Sauce recipe;
  2. My Cheese Sauce recipe.

RECIPE TIP: When I put this recipe together I like to make at least 3 or 4 layers, so make sure you choose your baking dish carefully to be able to hold all the ingredients in 3-4 stacks.

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