Beef Ragu

Beef Ragu

This is a variation of my Bolognese Sauce recipe.  Basically a ragu is a meat sauce that is made with chopped meat, rather than minced meat…in other words it is more chunky.

I love ragu with with pasta, specifically with something like penne, that is a more robust pasta.

The recipe follows along the same lines as the Bolognese Sauce recipe, however, you do need to cook it for a little longer because the meat is much more chunky.

RECIPE TIP 1: For the meat, I use either shoulder or sirloin.  You need a really sharp knife to chop the meat.  I chop it into 5mm cubes.

RECIPE TIP 2: I used tinned tomatoes and puree in this recipe, but make sure you do not use the cheap kind.  I usually buy the best quality Italian tomatoes I can find.

RECIPE TIP 3: Follow the steps exactly as put in this recipe for the best results – making Bolognese is serious business!!!

RECIPE TIP 4: This recipe works well for baked dishes like lasagna.

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