Beer Battered Fish

Beer Battered Fish

Beer battered Fish & Chips and an ice cold beer – need I say more!  And when I say fish, I mean hake.  Hake is a fish that is often relegated to being the second cousin, but in all honesty it is such a delicious tasting, delicate fish.  I have a few recipes using hake (which I will share at a later stage).

I do this recipe with my “Thrice-Cooked-Chips“.  If you want to do these chips with the battered fish, make sure you read the chips recipe first, because it does take a bit of effort…whereas this recipe is easy-peasy!

I do this recipe by shallow frying the fish, but it is obviously much easier if you deep fry it!

RECIPE TIP: If you you are shallow frying, make sure you use a heavy based pan (cast iron works well).  The pan should be large enough to take the length of the fish.

RECIPE TIP: Your oil should be at least 2-3cm deep in the pan, so make sure you have enough oil for your size pan.

RECIPE TIP: Your oil should be at least 180°C – if you are uncertain, use a sugar thermometer to get your temp right.  If your oil is not hot enough your batter will not get crispy.

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