Best ever Prawns

Best ever Prawns

I have been making prawns for a very long time.  It is a firm favourite, especially of my wife’s.  The one thing I do not like is of meat or fish is over marinated, and so killing the flavour of the meat.  I have experimented for a long time to get my prawn marinade right, and I think this is delicate enough for the flavour of the prawn to rule, yet still add some nice flavour notes to the dish.

I really love the taste that the ginger adds to this dish, and to be honest, it came about when I wrongly added ginger to a recipe I was trying.

This marinade also works really well with pork and chicken on the BBQ.

RECIPE TIP: I always buy queen prawns.  The smaller prawns really have the most flavour.  I know people are more inclined to go for the larger king prawns, but they really do not have the same flavour as the smaller queen prawns.

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