Best "Fries" (Thrice Cooked!)

Best “Fries” (Thrice Cooked!)

Who does not love chips, or french fries or just fries!  It is an amazing thing…when you go get a burger, it has to come with chips, but you do not really order the meal for the chips – BUT if the chips are crap, then even the best burger is crap!  So the chips are really important.  There are even competitions around the world as to which fast food co. produces the best “fries”.

This recipe takes time and patience (and a bit of mess), but it is worth it – I can assure you, no one beats these fries!  They are going to be golden brown, crispy on the outside, and fluffy and delicate on the inside.

If you have a deep fryer it will be easier and less messy to make these, otherwise you will need to deep-fry them in a pot on the stove – but please be careful!

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