Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese Sauce

As explained in my recipe #009 (Cottage Pie), my mum had a number of staple recipes up her sleeve, and Spaghetti Bolognese was one of them.  So this recipe really does take me back to my childhood…”tomatoey” bolognese sauce, with loads of Parmigiano grated over – mmmm, yummmm!

Over the years I have adapted my mum’s recipe slightly to give my own personal touch and flavour.

To this day I am still always disappointed if I eat Bolognese in restaurants, as it just never tastes the same as my memory! Can they ever?

In my recipe I add more tomato than what is called for in traditional recipes, because that is how my mum made it.  If it is not 100% correct – sorry Itally, but mine is the best!

RECIPE TIP 1: I used tinned tomatoes and puree in this recipe, but make sure you do not use the cheap kind.  I usually buy the best quality Italian tomatoes I can find.

RECIPE TIP 2: Follow the steps exactly as put in this recipe for the best results – making Bolognese is serious business!!!

RECIPE TIP 3: This recipe works well for baked dishes like lasagna.

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