Braised Short Ribs

Braised Short Ribs

By now you must know that I am a proponent of the “cheaper” cuts of meat, or the meat that is from the forequarter of an animal.  Animals are like a front wheel drive car, they pull themselves along with their front legs, making the fore quarter “tough”.  Because of this the meat from the forequarter is tougher, it requires longer cooking, however, it is far superior in flavour from the “premium” cuts of the hindquarter.  I will take beef short rib over beef fillet (tenderloin) anytime!

Short rib happens to be one of my favourite cuts of beef.  It has a great balance of meat vs fat.  I love to braise it in a liquid and the taking out the meat and roasting it in the oven until you have delicious crispy bits!

I like to serve this dish with Cauliflower & Cashew nut Mash – Check my recipe here>>>

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