Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

ANOTHER Indian cuisine recipe! Well, Indian cuisine is probably in my top 3 favourites…and because my previous post was on Garam Masala, I thought I would give you another recipe using that versatile spice mix.

This is an easy, quick Indian dish you can prepare if you just NEED to have a curry!  Because I use chicken breasts it really is quick…but if you have time, use thighs on the bone (any curry on the bone is always better* – see note below).

This is also a relatively mild curry in terms of spice usage, so you can serve it to people who do not like spicy foods.  Obviously you can add more chilli to create more heat.

NOTE – ON THE BONE: Guys, I know that when you get curries in a restaurant or commercially it is always off the bone, but I cannot emphasise this enough, if you do not mind the bones, then cook your curry on the bone.  Firstly the flavour is just so much better…but it also cooks for slightly longer, allowing the flavours to permeate (marinade) the meat more, giving you a much more rounded curry.

TIP – I always make a curry one day before I serve it.  For some reason the curry just tastes much better as the flavours have fully developed.  But be careful with this recipe because I use chicken breast fillets and when reheating they can get dry if you leave them too long.  What I do here is NOT cook the meat through when I first cook the dish.  So instead of cooking it for 5-7 minutes, I cook it in the hot sauce for no longer than 3-4 minutes (remember once you take it off the heat it will continue to cook in the hot sauce).  On the day of serving heat your pan to a medium heat add to the pot and keep stirring.  Once it starts simmering, let it heat for no longer than 3-4 minutes, but remember to do your test to see that the meat is cooked through (see step 12 below).

INTERESTING FACT – Tikka Masala is “theoretically” not an Indian dish as its origins are in the United Kingdom.  Granted it was developed by the Indian community living int he UK…and it is now one of the most popular dishes in the UK.  The urban legend is that Tikka Masala has displaced Fish and Chips and Englands national dish 😉

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