Memories of Barcelona 🙂

Churros are a firm favourite in our house…and the last time we were in Barcelona we bought a “churro gun” to make them at home.

They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside…and dusted with sugar and cinnamon and some chocolate sauce to dip them in…yummmmmmy.

They do take a bit of effort…but they are totally worth it!

TOP TIP 1: The oil temperature is really important.  The oil is best at 180°C. Use a sugar thermometer for the oil. Preheat the oil while you make the batter because it will take time to come up to temperature.

TOP TIP 2: Let the dough rest before adding the egg, you don’t want to scramble the egg, but  the dough must still be warm so have the mixer ready to go right after you add the egg and mix away.

TOP TIP 3: the colour tells you when they are ready. They need to be golden brown, then they are done in the middle.

TOP TIP 4: Let the churros drain on paper towels just before you add them to the cinnamon sugar mixture.

TOP TIP 5: Serve them warm. With Chocolate!

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