Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

My mother is an amazing woman.  She was a single mom with three boys (age difference of 11 years between the oldest and youngest).  She ran her own business, working her bones off – and yet, every night there was a fully prepared meal on the table!  She is a great cook, but thinking back on it, I think she was really smart.  She had a couple of dishes that she repeated because she did not have much time, but they were so good that we did actually never noticed!  One of these dishes was Cottage Pie.

Always, cottage pie with rice, peas and gem squash…it is a warm memory.  Safe to say that it is one of my favourites.  But it is funny, how childhood memories shape us.  No one I know has cottage pie with rice, yet for me, having it without rice is like Sherlock without Dr Watson, or Beavis without Butthead, or Joey without Chandler – it just goes!

Today, my kids (and the kids of my brothers) all love cottage pie.  But not just any cottage pie…Nana’s cottage pie!  And it has to go with rice!

BUT – dare I say it…I think I have perfected my mom’s recipe;)

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