Cubano (Cuban Sandwich)

Cubano (Cuban Sandwich)

As I said in the previous recipe, Cubanos (Cuban Sandwich) are the best sandwiches in the world.

We need a bit of a history lesson here.  Cubanos are actually not from Cuba – they originated in Florida, USA.  They were made with Cuban Style Pork (see recipe here), cuban bread, cheese, pickles and bacon.  Made by Cuban immigrants, these sandwiches of “deliciousness” became known as Cubano’s, and now they are a really popular street food in the US, made famous by that movie CHEF which happens to be one of my favourite movies.

Unfortunately Cuban bread is not readily available all over the world, so people replace it with standard baguette, but I have modified the recipe slightly to use sourdough bread.  I really think this makes for a much better sandwich, and sourdough is readily available around the world.

When we did artisan markets and had our restaurant this was definitely one of the best sellers.

TOP TIP: If you do not have time to make the Cuban Style Pork (recipe here), you can use a really good quality cooked ham from your charcutier/ cured meat supplier.

TOP TIP: I use a really good quality, strong cheese, like cheddar.

EQUIPMENT NOTICE: You are going to need a good sandwich press/ griller to make Cubanos.  You can grill it in the oven, but you are not going to get the right “squash” on the sandwich!

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