Good Beef Stock

Good Beef Stock

Like the previous recipe, it is essential that any decent kitchen has good stock.  In this case we are making BEEF stock.  Its really easy to make and it is so much better than the store bought stock cubes.  See chicken stock recipe.

I make 2 types of beef stock:

  • Mild Beef Stock – here I use beef short-rib or beef shoulder
  • Rich Beef Stock – here I use Oxtail

It depends on what I need the stock for.  If I am making sauces etc I use the mild beef stock, but when I make something like Vietnamese PHO – I use the rich, oxtail based stock.  I will also keep the oxtail meat for the actual soup.

TOP TIP – When making the mild stock, once the stock is done, I like to take the short-rib and put it into an over of at least 200°C – 230°C.  I roast it for about 30 minutes until the meat is really crispy.  Then I sit and eat it off the bone with an ice cold beer!

Who said making stock was boring!


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