Home made Cream Cheese/ Labneh

Home made Cream Cheese/ Labneh

We go through a lot of cream cheese in our family, and this is really a great and tasty way to keep cream cheese.  Yes, it is easy to go buy a pack of Kiri or Philadelphia in the shops, but really, they do taste commercial.

This recipe takes 5 minutes to make and just a bit of patience as the cheese develops.

What I do is make a batch and when I get halfway through it I start the next batch.  I promise you, you will love this.

I use it for savoury and sweet dishes (cheese cake) alike.

TOP TIP 1: The longer you allow the cheese to discard the whey the thicker your cheese will be.  I like it quite thick so I leave it for at least 3 days before using it.

TOP TIP 2: When you add the salt and mix it in you can also add other flavour notes.  I often use some garlic powder, oregano, chilli, rosemary or any such aromatics.  If you are going to use it for something sweet, then I would not add herbs or spices…just the salt.

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