Keto/ Gluten Free Béchamel sauce/ White Sauce

Keto/ Gluten Free Béchamel sauce/ White Sauce

I am personally following a high fat/ low carb diet and hence some of the recipes I use have to be adjusted.  As Béchamel sauce is such a key sauce in cooking I have had to try and come up with a low carb alternative.

There are many variations on the internet, however, I have played around with recipes and this is the one I use now.

RECIPE NOTE: When the recipe is done you should be left with a beautiful silky smooth sauce.  BUT if you are going to further bake it (for example in a lasagna) the sauce will tend to split during the baking process.  There is not much you can do about this, but I can assure you that the flavour is still fantastic.  It is a great alternative to normal Béchamel sauce.

TOP TIP: I use my home-made cream cheese (see recipe here) for this recipe.

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