Kimchi (easy recipe)

Kimchi (easy recipe)

I was never really a big fan of sauerkraut, but I really acquired the taste for fermented cabbage in Poland.  Polish Sour Cabbage is fantastic…and they do so much with it (but more about this in a later recipe).  As I started enjoying fermented foods more and more I was introduced to KIMCHI.  Kimchi is basically sour cabbage from Korea.  The only difference is that it is lighter and tastier, because of the added aromatics.

You can get Kimchi from Asian stores, however, it is just not the same as home-made.  I find commercial Kimchi has lost its crispiness…and that is why I usually make a good batch, because it can keep for months in the fridge.

Once you get into Korean cooking, you will see that there is such a diverse use for Kimchi, however, I really like it just like that…as a salad, especially with something rich.  (Check out my Asian-style Oxtail…Kimchi works really well with that).

Recipe Tip 1: You can use Kimchi immediately after making it (unlike other sour cabbages), but it is best to leave it for 2 weeks to develop.

Recipe Tip 2: You can keep Kimchi for months, but the flavour will intensify and become more sour.  If it become too sour for your taste, don’t throw it away, you can use it for making other Korean dishes.

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