My Basic Marinade for Fish on the Braai (BBQ)

My Basic Marinade for Fish on the Braai (BBQ)

OK, so this recipe I adapted from my mom and late step dad’s “Snoek” marinade.  On the West Coast of South Africa “snoek” is religion, and becoming proficient on “braaing” it is a right of passage!

They made a team.  My mom would marinade the fish and then my step-dad would “braai” it over an open fire – and to say it was pure perfection is doing it a disservice!  Anyway, this is not about fish, this is about the marinade.

Generally I hate marinades, because it masks the flavour of the meat, and quite honestly, if you are “braaing”, the marinade generally burns and emparts a bitter flavour to the meat.  But this marinade is very simple and delicate, really adding to the whole experience.  You do not marinade for too long – you are just really looking for a “lick” of flavour added to the taste of the fish!

RECIPE TIP: This is how I like it, but you may like to adjust the acid from the lemon by either adding or subtracting, and the same with the heat of the chilli.

RECIPE TIP 2: Do not add too much garlic because it will overpower the flavour of the fish.

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