Parsnip Puree/ Mash

Parsnip Puree/ Mash

I love parsnips…I really do.  They are sweet and nutty and great in soup, or roasted in the over.  But if you are looking for a replacement for mashed potatoes, there is nothing better.  I am on a very low carb lifestyle, so I try minimise my intake of carbs, and this is a great replacement.  But it is also more delicate than mashed potatoes, so it is great for serving with delicate dishes, like fish or veal.

It is really easy to make and is full of flavour.  I always use parsnip puree to accompany my Salmon Trout & Creamy Caper Sauce Recipe (Recipe#011).

TOP TIP: You can prepare the parsnip puree in advance and just finish the dish before serving.  If you are doing this then follow the recipe to step 2.  When the parsnips are cooked remove from the stove and set aside (do not proceed to step 3/ blitzing).  When you are ready to finish the dish, put it back on a medium heat and bring the liquid to boiling point.  Remove from the stove and continue with step 3/ blitzing.


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