Pickled Chillies & Peppers

Pickled Chillies & Peppers

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a bag of fresh chillies and after a week or two they start growing mould by their stalks?  Well, this is why I absolutely love pickled chillies.  I usually buy about 2kg of mixed chillies and Italian sweet peppers (they are the peppers that look like very large red chillies).  The reason why I like to mix it up is then I can select from either hot, mild or sweet peppers, depending on the recipe.  The fantastic thing about these chillies are that they taste fresh, no matter if they have been lying in their brine for more than 6 months!

I always make sure I have a few bottles in my pantry cupboard, because then I always have “fresh” chillies at the ready.

I use them in any recipe that requires chilli, or you can also just use them as is on a cheese board or with a humus dip.

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