Pickled Onions

Pickled Onions

There is nothing like a sharp, tangy pickled onion with a big chunk of cheese.  The brine for this recipe is based on the same brine I use in my Pickled Chillies, however, I do make it a bit sweeter.

Just like my Pickled Chillies, these can last indefinitely in the pantry cupboard, so I usually make a large batch and ensure that I top up my batches as I get to the last 2 or 3 jars.  These pickles are best enjoyed after about 6 months, when the tang has developed just enough to put your mouth into a fabulous spasm of sharp flavours!

It is important to use baby onions better known as pickling onions.  Yes, it is a pain to peal them, and make sure you have a pack of tissues for the tears…but the labour is really worth it!

Recipe Tip: When making pickle onions, you want to ensure that you have whole onions to go into the jar – so when you peel the onions you need to ensure that you only cut the root end as close to the root as possible so as to ensure that your onion does not fall apart.  Peel carefully to keep the onion in tact.

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