Pork Belly Rice Paper Wraps

Pork Belly Rice Paper Wraps

Whilst I absolutely love Pork Belly, it really is extremely rich, so I always like to try and break the rich fattiness with something fresh.  This is a great way to achieve that in a really novel way.  Basically you wrap chunks of pork belly in rice paper wraps with fresh carrots, cucumber, greens or really whatever you like.  You can basically add whatever you like that goes with pork – even apples, mango, pickled ginger, scallions, sugar-snaps…you get the idea.

The plan here is to add raw vegetables to give it a crunch and freshness.  I would use this dish as a started or for finger food, served with a dipping sauce.  It is also ideal for using leftover Pork Belly (if ever there was such a travesty).

In this recipe I make use of my Asian-style pork belly from the previous recipe (recipe #004 of three6five).  BUT, you can use anyone of your favourite pork belly recipes.  Just remember to adjust your dipping sauce – you do not want an asian style dipping sauce (like in this recipe) with an Italian style pork belly!


See the photo examples of the following products in the “HOW TO” section below.

  • Rice Paper Wraps – available at most Asian stores, this is not the rice paper you associate with sweets.  It usually comes in a circle and looks like a piece of translucent plastic sheet.  Be careful because it is stiff and breaks easily.  When you get them you need to dip them in water to make them pliable.
  • Work fast with the rice paper wraps – You need to work fast.  If this is the first time you are using rice paper wraps, I suggest you get an extra set just incase because you will mess up some of the first ones.  Basically the technique is the same as wrapping a burrito (see diagram in “HOW TO” tab below). BUT you have to work fast, because once you have dipped the rice paper it becomes sticky quite fast…and remember water is your friend ;).
  • Less is more – Don’t make the mistake to overfill the wrap – it makes it much harder to roll.  See the illustration in the “HOW TO” tab below for an idea on ratio of portion in relation to the size of the wrap.
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