Porter Beer Liqueur (Porterówka)

Porter Beer Liqueur (Porterówka)

So this is a bit of fun.  Not really a food recipe, but hey, who can go without a good bit of booze.  This is a typical home-made liqueur from Poland, and it is really delicious.  You can make it as strong as you like, or just as a nice after dinner liqueur.  And, honestly, it is better than most store bought liqueurs.

And for those of you who are fixated with Jagermeister – try this!

RECIPE TIP 1: You need to use consumption quality alcohol here (90-95% proof).  This way you can regulate the strength.  If you want it a bit weaker, mix water with the alcohol.  But if you could just follow the recipe as below – whilst it is quite strong, it really is delicious.

RECIPE TIP 2: If you are not able to find consumption quality alcohol (it is not available over the counter in many countries), you can just substitute it with a really good quality vodka.  It will not be very strong, but it will still be good!

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