Prawn & Chorizo kebabs on the "Braai" (BBQ)

Prawn & Chorizo kebabs on the “Braai” (BBQ)

Yes, you got it – ANOTHER BBQ recipe – but as you know, I just got my “Electric BBQ”, and I have a year’s worth of open fire cooking to catch up on.  So this is a take on using my “Best Ever Prawns” recipe (click here for recipe).

Prawns and Chorizo are a perfect match, and cooking both on a fire is just absolutely superb.  I marinade the prawns in the garlic/ ginger marinade as in this recipe.

Once again, heat is the most important ingredient here.  Your flame has to be right – hot but not too hot.  You want to BBQ the prawns for about 3-5 minutes only.  So they need to be hot enough to give a nice sear, but not so hot that they burn on the outside, yet still raw in the centre.  You should be able to hold your hand for 15 seconds on the level of your grid.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – when you get chorizo, get the best quality you can get.  Artisan is best – but this is one of the highlights of this dish, so make sure it is good quality.  You really do not want to spoil expensive delicate prawns with terrible chorizo!

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