RECIPE TECHNIQUE: Tender Meat for Curry

RECIPE TECHNIQUE: Tender Meat for Curry

When you eat curry in a good curry tavern/ restaurant, the meat is always really tender and juicy.  Often when you make it at home and you cook it for too long it becomes a bit tough and dry.  Well this is more of a technique than a recipe, but I believe this is really the starting point for a good curry.

I use this technique for the following meats:

  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Pork

I do not use this technique for chicken or fish as they cook very quickly…but what I usually do for a chicken/ fish curry is make the sauce first.  So in other words, I will only add the chicken/ fish once the sauce is cooked. And then I will only cook the chicken/ fish until it is just done.

But back to this technique.  I also like to use meat from the forequarter of the beast, and I also like it on the bone.  Ask your butcher to prepare you the cuts as follows (if you do not like the bone, ask the butcher to debone it for you).

And my preference of meat for curry is in the following order:


  • Neck (on the bone)
  • Shoulder


  • Neck (on the bone)
  • Shoulder (great for deboned lamb curry)
  • Lamb Shanks/ knuckles

Chicken – do not use this technique

Fish – do not use this technique

Beef (I don’t often use beef)

  • Beef neck
  • Beef Shoulder

I usually use 1kg (off the bone) for 4 people.  If the meat is on the bone, add 30-50% weight.





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