Salmon Trout with creamy caper sauce

Salmon Trout with creamy caper sauce

This is one of those dishes that takes 20 minutes to put together, but when it is plated it looks like it comes out of a fine dining restaurant.  I often do this recipe when there is not much time, but still looking for something absolutely delicious.

The only tricky bit is to make sure that the fish is not overcooked (see tip below).  For me it should be seared on the outside, yet still pink on the inside.

You could also use Salmon or Dover Sole with this recipe.

I usually serve this with parsnip puree (see recipe #011), but you can serve with your favourite veges.

TOP TIP: To get a nice sear on the fish and ensure that it is still pink on the inside, make sure the pan is very hot.  Add just enough oil so that the fish does not stick on the bottom.

TOP TIP: To cook the fish you need a pan that is large enough to hold all the pieces of fish WITHOUT them touching.  If you do not have a pan large enough, then use two separate pans – just means you had some additions washing up to do 😉


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