Shakshuka - Great Breakfast!

Shakshuka – Great Breakfast!

As an anglophile I do really like a good English breakfast.  Eggs, Bacon, Porkie, Beans and toast, but in terms of variation this Middle Eastern staple is one of my favourite alternatives.  It has all the right stuff – and also makes a great breakfast if you have had a bit of a heavy night the night before – sorts a hangover by the time you have your last bite!

In our family we often do this on the weekends when we have a bit more time.  It actually become a more of a brunch as we enjoy a lazy morning.  My wife has an aversion to peppers, so I make a version at home without for her – but I really do like the flavour the peppers add to the dish.  I also add a touch of chilli to give it a little boost!

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