Simple Bacon Buttie (sandwich)

Simple Bacon Buttie (sandwich)

When I was living in London in the 90’s and I did not have much money to spend on food, a simple bacon buttie (bacon sandwich) became a staple.  It really is a simple thing of pure genius.  Unlike my BLT, here I want to use the cheapest/ nastiest mass produced white bread that I can find.  You know that type that you buy pre-sliced and can survive armageddon in your fridge – in our family we call it government bread.  Yes, I know, it is crap, and unhealthy, but for some reason, this sandwich is just the best with this kind of bread!

BUT I do obviously use the best quality bacon I can get…that is the proviso!  In this recipe I make use of my home cured bacon and I cook the bacon according to my “perfect crispy bacon” recipe.    If you do not have home cured bacon, make sure you get the best streaky bacon you can find because this is the star of the show!

And whilst my wife love’s the BLT – this is probably my favourite sandwich (certainly is pretty even stevens with the Cuban Sandwich).

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