Waffles, the best ever!

Waffles, the best ever!

Sunday is waffle day in the Ferreira household.  It’s become a sort-of-tradition.  We sleep in a bit and then I get up and make waffles.  With bacon. And maple syrup. And home-made jam. And blueberries and strawberries (in season). Yum!

But it has taken us quite a while to get the right results.  Some recipes I tried were either too sweet, or too salty or too doughy.  What I was looking for was a neutral flavoured waffle (so that you could have it with either sweet or savoury fillings) – AND – they obviously have to be light and crispy!

In the end this is the recipe I have come up with.  It really is a bit of a hybrid of many recipes that I have tried.

TIP – if you are not serving the waffles immediately after making them then they will lose their crispy-ness after a while.  Turn your oven to 100° C (bake function) and place the waffles in the oven when the light goes off.  Leave it in the oven to crisp up again.

TIP 2 – I sometimes make a bigger batch and then just freeze the left over waffles.  Then in the week I can give the kids a quick and easy breakfast by just popping them into the toaster!

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