Whole Chicken on the Braai (BBQ)

Whole Chicken on the Braai (BBQ)

So for this recipe you are going to need some balls and a Kettle BBQ (like a Weber).  You also need to understand the heat on your BBQ.  But that comes next.  As you know by now, I love cooking on an open fire!  But, when everything lines up, there is nothing like chicken on the BBQ – and this really is the Valhalla of chicken on the fire!

This recipe really takes me back to my childhood as it is adapted from my mom’s famous Paprika Roast Chicken.  She used to do it in the oven (and I still often do too), but the smoke on the BBQ just adds that additional flavour note that kicks it into orbit!

This is a dish we have often in our family.  I usually use a bird that is about 1.5-2kg, and then make delicious chicken mayo sandwiches for lunch the next day (recipe will follow some time).

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